Thursday, 29 January 2009

driftwood clock

I really want to find the time to create beautiful things. This driftwood clock is such a perfect example. I love the simplicity and the beauty of it.


What is more perfect than this driftwood transformed into a flower pot? All I need is a little time to open my mind and see beyond the surface. What is this piece of driftwood than more than a piece of driftwood? But, if you open your mind it can become a flower pot, a shelf, a sculpture, a part of a furniture etc. What more can I say?

driftwood christmas


We are surrounded by things that people throw away, that they want to get rid of. There are even things that don't even get into sombody's home. And then somebody with an open mind collects 'things' and creates somethig as beautiful as these driftwood hearts that blow your mind and, at least me, I wonder.....I just wonder!


I have always liked the combination of old and new, cheap and expensive. These examples are such good exemples! You take something that God, nature, gives you for free and then expand your mind and create something unique like this driftwood lamp/ driftwood table. Perfect!

driftwood mirror

carved door

carved door

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

hair buns

I would like to post some hair buns. They are an old love of mine, and I plan to wear only hair buns when I get older, which is in a few years.